Why Visit Cuba| Casa Particular

Cuban born of the mixture of Spanish and African culture, and the influence of French, Italian, Arabic and Chinese, are the result of a unique blend which has lasted five centuries of training. Different cultures form the national identity, traditions and customs so ingrained that sometimes difficult to discover their true origin, diversity is shown not only in the architecture of the island but on the character of the Cuban, which are recognized anywhere by their joy , emotion, humor and hospitality. Communicative, rhythmic and high level of education that puts them in contact with the most diverse forms of art and culture.

Situated 90 miles south of the Florida Keys, Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. With miles of beaches, colourful scenery and a proud cultural heritage this stunningly beautiful and exceptionally diverse country has been enticing visitors since Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492.

Cuba is different. It’s nothing like you can see and experience anywhere else.It’s not overridden with McDonald’s and locals seem to live the most relaxed lifestyle ever. You need to experience it to understand how fascinating Cuba really is. The time to visit Cuba is now. After 50 years of being the same bastion of Communism, Cuba is bound to change. It’s gonna happen one way or another. And when it changes, there will be no difference between a vacation in Cuba and a vacation in other caribbean destiny.


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